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How are stores divided between categories ?

Stores are divided between categories: (Main Category / Subcategory 1 )
For example: Fashion / Jewelry and Watches

In the Main Category you can also see stores from subcategories and in subcategory 1 you can see all the stores from different subcategory 2 categories.

Categories are created to make it easier for those customers, who need a very specific store.

Which is the fastest way to find a store?

The Fastest Way is:
1. Find a suitable Main Category
2. Use sidebar filter to narrow your search (preferred region, language, tags)
3. Table should filter in real-time as you type.

Understanding Language and Country Codes ?

To save space, we use 3-digit ISO codes for countries (See the list here)
For languages, we use 2-digit ISO 639-1 (List here)

For Example United Kingdom country code is GBR instead of more popular UK.

Region, Country & State ?

Online Stores operate in different areas: Some of which are local and others are operating in a wider area.
Region signifies the Widest area/location of operation (World Wide, European Union, North-America, etc).
Country is marked when the delivery area is confined within the borders of this country or when this country has significantly better delivery terms.
State is marked when the area of operation is only in the borders of one State or City.

Who can submit new stores into our directory?

Everyone can submit online stores. You do not need to have ownership rights because this is a FREE service for everyone and all store owners should welcome the opportunity to be more visible.

If you have stores to submit just register and log in!

Is the store added immediately after submission?

No! Store is not immediately added. It is checked by our administrator and the provided information is verified and if everything checks out then the store will be added. It usually takes up to 24 hours.

Who can delete the record from your directory?

Well administrator can delete the records. However, we delete a record in the following cases:

1. We receive multiple and reasonable complaints by customers about the shop service or malfunction.
2. The Store is not working anymore.
3. We receive a request for removal from a shop owner (Has to be sent from the shop domain address).

All requests please send us to:

Other Questions

Reporting an Error

We appreciate all feedback regarding errors:
1. In the User Interface of this website
2. Incorrect information about the online stores
3. Online Stores that are not working anymore
4. Other errors, regarding the English version website.

PS! Please do not report the translation errors, as this website is translated automatically by Google Translate and we cannot manually change the translations.

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