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Do's & Dont's

On This page you can see the Stores you have submitted.
We will review every submission and it can take up to 24 hrs before it is added to our main directory.
Message about the successful or non successful submission will appear in the Admin Comment column.
Store will not be added in the following cases:
Store already exists (also applies when the added store is but the existing store is and the only difference is the language because usually these shops have language selector on their website)
Store does not have a cart function
Website is a showcase for other stores (eg Amazon or Ebay)
Store is not active (is a sample store page without any legal body)
Does not have sufficient information to consider it reliable. 

Language Codes and Country codes

  • Check Our FULL LIST for already submitted stores HERE
  • We use 3-digit ISO codes for countries. See the Codes
  • We use 2-digit ISO 639-1 for languages. See the Codes
  • Only submit stores, which have a shopping cart system
  • Do not submit product showcase sites (we will not upload them)